About us

Tapp'd cocktails was born out of a desire for everyone to be able to access mixologist quality cocktails. 

We love cocktails. We hate the hassle of the queues at the bar, sourcing every ingredient, equipment, and inevitably making an absolute mess of our kitchens making our own.

Unimpressed with the ready to drink options available, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We created our very own mixologist lab in Leigh-On-Sea and went to work creating our own blends of fruit, syrups and craft alcohols to create mixologist magic in a bottle.

After six months of blending, testing and perfecting our recipes were born, and Tapp'd cocktails turned from dream to reality. 

Supplying local bars, restaurants and consumers across Essex we then launched our nationwide home delivery service in March 2020, and since then we haven't looked back. 

We have lots planned for the rest of 2020, including new drinks development, gift options and much more.